In-house CT Scanner

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In-house CT Scanner

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In-house CT Scanner – Precise and Quicker Implant Surgery

A Dental Ct scanner is a special type of x-ray machine which is used to obtain 3D images of oral tissues such as bone, soft tissues, nerves and other anatomical structures. Ct scanners provide dentists with more detailed images of structures compared to conventional x-rays. As well as more detailed images, those scans also give information about bone quality.

The benefits of a CT-Scanner as Part of Your Implant Treatment

  1. The Dental Implant surgical procedure is more precise and less invasive than regular implant procedures when planned with a CT-scan.
  2. CT scans allow the dentist to determine the bone quality, which can help decide on the type of implant or methods of healing.
  3. Obtain more information about the true health of the soft tissues (gums) around the implant.
  4. The CT-scans can also inform how the surgery should be performed, and whether additional procedures or bone-grafts are necessary.
  5. Minimize the risk of complications occurring from surgical procedures.
  6. Helps dentists perform more predictable surgeries (precise Implant placement) which lead to less postoperative discomfort and quicker healing times.