About Soni

About Soni

About Soni

We are totally committed to making dental implants affordable for the majority – without compromise to any aspect of quality or customer service.

Surgery is led by a highly experienced dental team and delivered in very relaxed modern surroundings.

So, whether you have 1, 2, or all your teeth missing, we have the technology, care and expertise to give your teeth back and give your confidence a well deserved massive boost.

A Compassionate Understanding of Your Unique Treatment Needs

Treatments are explained carefully and in complete detail with illustrations, giving you the peace of mind & confidence to get dental implants. Dr Mukesh Soni and Michele Sheikh’s warm attentiveness & gently caring personalities will put you at ease from the moment you come into the clinic, as they apply 30 years of clinical experience & the latest treatments to rehabilitate your smile.

Do you have dental anxiety? We offer conscious sedation to give you a completely relaxed, worry-free feeling before and during the treatment. This totally safe technique makes it possible for you to restore your smile with an entirely positive experience.

SONI Listens

Each patient is an individual with personal desires and wishes. We pride ourselves in LISTENING to our patients. Listening is a forgotten art form in today’s Now! Now! Now! attitude to life.

Listening is essential in helping provide a tailor-made treatment plan. Each plan is thoroughly explained with a full array of options provided. We always provide written estimates for each patient.

Are you ready to change your life forever?

Then take the first small step and arrange a consultation at SONI.

Still not sure, then give us a call for a friendly chat on

020 3292 0580 or 07950 464 276.