Personal Mentoring

Personal Mentoring

If you are looking to develop your Dental Implantology skills, get in touch. I will help you through every step of your development, including face-to-face meet-ups, support by phone and WhatsApp. My team can also assist and advise with marketing and patient lead management.

Your patients’ Implant surgeries can take place at your clinic or ours (in Twickenham).

Dr Mukesh Soni

Dental Implant Mentoring

‘teaching through empowerment’

In older times a more senior,’ learned’ or experienced individual would impart knowledge in a one directional method. This older method has not always proved successful. Newer methods of mentoring involve empowerment of the individual. This involves a co-journey where the mentor and mentee join together in a tailor made pathway. This approach helps create lifelong learning where the mentee is the centre of the educational pathway. Dr Soni has used this approach very successfully over the years.

“I have mentored over twenty two dentists in all aspects of dentistry”
  • Sharing 30 years’ of clinical experience
  • 25 years’ Dental Implantology experience
  • Masters qualified in UK
  • Free Treatment Planning
  • Log-book Creation
  • Case Selection & photography
  • Online & Print Marketing Advice
  • Free Staff Training
  • Enjoy & Learn
“Learning Through Self-Empowerment”


Dental Implant Mentoring

Beginner & Advanced Levels

  • 1 to 1 Training
  • Live Surgeries
  • Complete guidance in:
  • Ongoing Support
  • Patient Marketing

Dentists that Soni has Mentored (Our Mentee’s)

Mentoring Testimonial 1
Mentoring Testimonial 2
Mentoring Testimonial 3
Mentoring Testimonial 4
Mentoring Testimonial 5

Personal Mentoring

A typical dental implant mentoring case load would include:

  • 5 single dental implants( at least 3 in the aesthetic zone)
  • 4 Sinus grafts
  • 2 Block Grafts
  • 1 Over denture case
  • 2 large cases usually restoring one whole arch with several dental implants
  • 3 Soft tissue grafts
  • 3 Minor bone grafts using bone regeneration techniques
“Dentists will choose cases in their own practices”.
“They can attend the surgery with prospective patients where FREE co-diagnosis will occur”.
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Soni Dental Mentoring

If the case is suitable complete guidance will be provided in:

  • Treatment Planning
  • Diagnostics Needed
  • Log Book completion
  • Fee Calculation

Dr Soni is an approved ADI mentor and each stage can be signed off before and after completion. Mentoring is ideal for dentists who wish to improve and enhance their skill set. Mentoring is also ideal for dentists wishing to start surgery after non-clinical courses.

Dentists may also wish to have help in:

  • Dental Surgery Set-up
  • Equipment Purchase
  • Dentist /Nurse Asepsis Training
  • Marketing
  • Dental Photography
  • Fees for mentoring usually involve the patient fee.
  • This will be discussed with the dentist before any treatment is started.
  • For some dentists who book several patients together we can organise a visit to your practice. 

Personal Mentoring

I enclose a referral pack which includes a booklet for yourself and a referral pad.

Please do not hesitate to contact myself or Michele at any times for further information


DR Mukesh Soni BDs MSc

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