About You

About You

About You

Your Choice for Missing Teeth Solutions in the UK

At SONI in the UK you can expect great prices without compromising on your health and satisfaction.

So Stop shopping for Dental Implant Missing Teeth Solutions and speak to Michele at SONI to give you Advice and options that are clear as the light of day.

So You Can Forget About These Worries with Treatment Abroad

  • Hidden Costs
  • Extra Flight Fees and hotel fees (If problems after treatment)
  • Requesting Time off Work (You don’t know what and when problems may arise)
  • Whether you will be seen by the Same Dentist
  • Complexity of resolving complaints with Dentists from abroad (We are all GDC Registered in UK)
  • What are the quality standards of that Country?

Our practice philosophy is to provide you with all the benefits of dental health and aesthetics. We keep up to date with our skills and knowledge of dentistry to ensure that you can make the correct choice for your dental care needs. We offer a full range of dental treatment.

White fillings are just one of the applications we can use to improve your appearance. Anyone can enjoy the confidence that comes from having attractive teeth.

X-rays that are necessary in the diagnosis of tooth and gum disease are taken in this practice. These can determine the presence of hidden decay, the condition of deep fillings, impacted teeth and many other problems.

Whatever your treatment is, the highest standards of instrument sterilisation and hygiene are always employed to avoid the possibility of cross infection.

  • Compliance with clinical governance procedures, clinical audit and peer review
  • Practice quality assurance program
  • Dentist and staff continuing professional development program
  • Professional & public liability insurance
  • General dental council registration
  • Health and safety law compliance
  • First aid training of all staff

We will estimate your fees in advance and agree a payment schedule at that time. Estimates are based on our experience of the many and various previous cases that we have treated. Our fees will include your treatment time allocated in our appointment system and carried out in the practice, dental expenses for dental laboratory items and also any time spent working on your case and communications with you. Treatment and other work are charged to your account after it has been started.

We ask that all accounts are kept up to date, fees being payable at the completion of each visit. We accept payment by cash, major credits and cheque supported by a cheque card.