Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting

Dental Implants

Bone Grafting (Onlay Bone Grafting)

When teeth are lost the bone holding them in place dissolves away.

The more the loss of bone the less bone there is in which to place the implants.

When there is not enough bone present, bone may be grown to fill in missing bone-allowing implants to be fitted. This is known as bone grafting. The bone used may be specially treated from a bone bank.

Patient Quotes


Mrs West

thank you Dr Soni for all your help. I am very happy with the final results


Mr Jetha

thank you for your professional and thorough approach. I feel that I have my own teeth back. Thank you Dr Soni and your


Mrs Wyeth’s

Dr Soni’s approach was caring and sympathetic to my needs and desires. I am very happy with the results and appearance


Mrs Grewal

thank you Dr Soni for this very natural looking tooth. I was very nervous but your team calmed me down and I would recom